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Welcome to the NECCST experience, where meticulous craftsmanship meets innovation in every detail. Designed in Munich, Germany, our coffee grinders are a testament to exemplary craftsmanship, blending elegant design with state-of-the-art engineering, unlocking the full flavor potential of your coffee beans.




in Every Turn

Meticulous Design, Unparalleled Experience

The robust stand and sleek flywheel of our grinders are designed for smooth grinding. 

The absence of an electric motor not only reduces noise but also elevates your coffee preparation into a ritual.

25 sec. 

to grind 20g coffee 

for espresso


quieter than an 

electrical grinder


freshly ground coffee 

with no retention


Superior Coated 

Our burrs are engineered with a titanium nitride coating that enhances durability and maintains peak performance over time. Slow, precise grinding reduces heat transfer, ensuring a consistent grind that preserves the complex flavors and aromas of your coffee. 


Stepless Adjustment

NECCST's patented stepless grind settings offer unparalleled control, enabling you to fine-tune from coarse to ultra-fine grinds for any coffee type.


Precision Scale

NECCST combines precision and ease with an in-built scale for weight-based grinding. A vibrant 3.2-inch display, equipped with capacitive touch and a 0.1g percision guarantees an exact dose every time, offering you the confidence to experiment with your brew ratio.

Innovative Design

Zero Retention

Our unique anti-static system significantly reduces static charge. Specialized materials and burr-attached wipers combine for a smooth grinding process. The straight vertical path in the grinder minimizes retention, delivering fresh grinds every time.


High Quality

The use of stainless steel in the grind chamber ensures both safety and taste integrity of your brew. The grinder’s structure, crafted from durable aluminum, promises longevity and consistent performance. Our design integrates sealed ball bearings and spiral-toothed bevel gears for a seamless and precise grinding process.

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A Testament to Perfection from Munich

In our quest for unparalleled quality, every aspect – from design to functionality to material choice – is given the highest level of scrutiny, reflecting our commitment to craftsmanship and passion. NECCST’s design is not just a product; it is an icon of excellence and innovation.

Technical Data

Product Dimensions: W: 305mm / D: 400mm / H: 287mm

Product Weight: 14.5 kg 


Aluminium stand

Stainless steel Grinding Chamber

Stainless steel Flyweel

Spiral-toothed bevel gears


Stepless grind adjustment 

Engineered and Designed in Germany




Fynn Eckstein

Fynn is the creative and technical driving force behind NECCST. He is not only responsible for the technical planning but also oversees branding and marketing. With his laid-back approach and deep understanding of design and technology, Fynn aims to elevate the daily home coffee ritual to a new level with NECCST!


Stefan Eckstein

Stefan brings a unique blend of aesthetics and practicality. His eye for design and decades of experience in product development as CEO of Eckstein Design are indispensable for the development of NECCST. His ability to create functional award- winning-designs that are both visually appealing and user-friendly has made NECCST what it is today.



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