NECCST's Leap: Unveiling the Refined Second Prototype

Hey again,

we are back with another slice of our story. Remember the first prototype? Well, we didn't stop there. Our second prototype was where things really started to heat up. We took all the lessons from our first attempt and poured them into making something even better.

The focus this time? Fine-tuning the mechanics, especially that grind adjustment dial. We wanted it to be smooth, precise, and without any locking mechanism. It was all about refining the details, making sure every turn of the dial felt just right.

And the overall design? We upped our game big time. Sleek, more efficient, and definitely a looker – this prototype wasn't just about function; it was about form too. We wanted to create a first lookout for what could be the future of the Neccst coffe grinder.

This second prototype was a big step for us. Still 3D printed but we really started to see our vision come to life – a grinder that was a joy to use and made some great Coffe. We were getting closer to the dream, and let me tell you, it was exciting!

Stay tuned for more!


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