The First 3D Printed Prototype

Hey there,

We want to share a cool story about our first 3D printed prototype. It's hard to believe, but this little model was the beginning of everything we're proud of today. We had this wild idea to mix old-school coffee grinding with some new tech. Using 3D printing was a game-changer for us. It let us play around with designs that were way out there, things we couldn't have done the old-fashioned way.

first 3d print prototype of an hand grinder

That prototype? It wasn't just a rough draft. It was our dream taking shape, piece by piece. It showed us what we could do with enough creativity and a bit of tech magic. Fast forward to now, and our grinders are all about top-notch quality and innovation, but it all started with that one 3D printed prototype. It's a reminder to us every day: embrace the new, but respect the tradition. That's the NECCST way!


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